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knowing the miracle berry Miracle Berry, is a plant native to West Africa that has been used for centuries by local tribes to sweeten generally acidic diets (sour foods and drinks). The berry is treasured for its unique effect on the taste buds. Miracle berry fruits and its products are now known to be natural sweeteners, rich in vitamins and antioxidants and have no calories. The miracle berry contains a unique glycoprotein called miraculin that inhibits the tongue’s perception of sour flavors. Quality Products Assured All our products are produced with critical attention to quality and safety right from the farm to the finish of the production process. We ensure that the farmers cultivate the miracle berry organically using NON-GMO growing procedures and good agricultural practices for our miracle berry production. Right from the farm, only the top quality miracle berry fruits are harvested and processed Target users Miracle berry is essentially benefificial to:
  • A good dieting supplement
  • Dieters
  • Chemotherapy patients and people with appetite issues
  • Diabetics
  • Patients on a bitter course of medicine
  • Those seeking to enhance the flavor of a particular diet
  • Natural and organic food lovers
  • Benefits and Applications Think of all the people who would love to enjoy sweets without having the caloric effects. Miracle berry is essentially benefificial as:
    • A good dieting supplement
    • A good dieting supplement
    • A treatment of metallic taste due to chemotherapy
    • A healthier sweetener for Diabetic
    • A Food flavor enhancer
    • A control of weight and tooth decay

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    • Wondataste Dehydrated Miracle Berry Fruit These are fresh miracle berry fruits that have water taken out of the fruits through the process of freeze drying
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